Namibian Organic Association

Namibian Organic Association

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The Namibian Organic Association (NOA) is a membership based association established by a group of dynamic farmers and consumers with the common interest of developing the organic sector in Namibia.

The association has the objective to support a sustainable management system for agriculture in Namibia, that:

respects nature's cycles
enhances environmental awareness through the sustainable improvement of the health of soil, water, plants, animals and consumers, their interconnectedness and balanced relationships

contributes to a high level of biological diversity;

makes responsible use of energy and the natural resources, such as water, soil, organic matter and air;

respects high animal welfare standards and in particular meets animals’ species-specific behavioural needs.

* The association pursues this objective with the following means:

To promote the efficient production of organic produce through capacity building, training, education, extension and research;

To develop and maintain Namibian Organic Standards for organic production, processing and labeling;

To maintain a Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) which guarantees that the organic standards are followed by the producer and/or processor;

To protect the “organic” labelling for locally organic produced and/or processed products as owner of a registered trademark;

To assist with organised marketing of organic produce locally and internationally;

To strengthen and maintain a positive relationship amongst producers, buyers processors and consumers of organic products;

To serve as a mouthpiece and contact point of the organic industry in Namibia and internationally;

To create a spirit of co-operation amongst the various organic industry players;

To promote co-operation amongst organic producers in respect of obtaining inputs, storing, handling and processing of organic produce to maximize economical viability of the organic sector in Namibia.

To convey the opinion of the organic producers and consumers to the Government and Governmental Institutions and co-operate with them in eliminating obstacles.

To increase awareness for organic agriculture in Namibia.



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Namibian Organic Association